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President Obama ran for the White House on a platform that explicitly repudiated many of the principles and initiatives that have made it possible for this country to be spared any new devastating attacks since 9/11.  On the line are the fruits of countless hard-won battles in which the Center for Security Policy has played an important and decisive role.

Well into the Obama administration, we are seeing these accomplishments dismantled, in whole or in part.  In their stead will come a program aimed at: gutting our military; denying law enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools they need to keep us secure; and exposing us to new, seditious Shariah initiatives at home.

The result would be predictable: an inexorable intensification of the threat to America, its people and their way of life.  Enemies appeased, but emboldened.  Allies demoralized.  Our sovereignty eroded.  The steady, if stealthy, insinuation of Islam’s Shariah law into our nation.

Fortunately, over the past two decades, we at the Center for Security Policy have demonstrated an ability to rise to such challenges—and to help our countrymen and their elected representatives do the same.

To perform as we must in this moment of both risk and opportunity will take the generous support of those who appreciate the growing requirement for our unique contributions.

We stand ready to do our part, but we need your assistance to do so.

With best regards and heartfelt thanks for your love of our country and your help in securing it.


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Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

President and CEO


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