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The Center appreciates the value of book-length publica­tions in developing support for the national security poli­cies it advocates. The first of these was War Footing: Ten Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World, published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press in 2005. It provided a detailed, action-oriented game-plan drawn from the Center’s agenda for understanding the threats we face-and how they can be defeated.

The Center for Security Policy Press, founded in 2009, has published several books, including the quarterly series, National Security Policy Proceedings (now in its sixth issue). Other titles include: Dangerous Road: The Nuclear Polices of the Obama Administration; Towards A New Deterrent; World At Risk: The View From New York; the bestseller Shariah: The Threat to Americaj Homegrown Defense: Biofuels and National Security; Malign Neglect: Misguided U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America; David Littman’s Arab Theologians on Jews and Israel; and Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech by Brooke Goldstein and Aaron Eitan Meyer.

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