Center Honors Eric Metaxas and Tom Fitton at Elegant Freedom Flame Dinner in New York

Center for Security Policy C by Center for Security Policy Dec. 4, 2018

On the evening of Monday, December 3, the Center for Security Policy held its annual Freedom Flame Award Dinner in honor of Judicial Watch President …

Chaos in France

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio Dec. 7, 2018

With Michel Gurfinkiel

“We have to keep the pressure up, ISIS has not yet been defeated”

Fox News F by Fox News Dec. 7, 2018

On Fox & Friends First, the Center’s Incoming President Fred Fleitz discussed topics including ISIS and the possibility of William Barr being nominated for Attorney …

We Need ‘America First’ Broadcasting

Secure Freedom Minute S by Secure Freedom Minute Dec. 7, 2018

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. President Trump recently enthused about the idea of a “worldwide network to show the world the …

Trade war: US can start to reverse China’s ‘debt-trap diplomacy’

J. Michael Waller J by J. Michael Waller Dec. 6, 2018

The real Chinese trade war isn’t about tariffs. It’s about freedom to navigate trade routes on the high seas. Trump didn’t say it at last …