Putin picks the man to build Russia’s high-tech police state

J Michael Waller J by J Michael Waller Jan. 21, 2020

Russia’s new prime minister is the ideal man to replicate China’s high-tech police state to keep Vladimir Putin in power for life. In purging his …

Wurmser to head new Center program on global anti-Semitism

Center for Security Policy C by Center for Security Policy Jan. 21, 2020

Middle East expert David Wurmser has joined the Center for Security Policy as a Senior Analyst and the Director of the Center’s Project on Global Anti-Semitism and the U.S.-Israel Relationship.

Paramilitary takeover of Venezuela Parliament shows Maduro’s dictatorship

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio Jan. 21, 2020

With Russ Dallen, Gordon Chang, Kevin Freeman, and Nina Shea

Taiwan is an independent country already

Frank Gaffney, Jr. F by Frank Gaffney, Jr. Jan. 21, 2020

In today’s War for the Free World, a key frontline is the Western Pacific where Communist China’s ambition to be the globe’s dominant power is much in evidence. Its fortified man-made islands in the South China Sea,  intensifying crackdown in Hong Kong, political warfare in Australia and naval build-up are ominous harbingers of trouble to come.