Iran Nuke Deal an Exercise in Self-Deception

Peter Pry P by Peter Pry May. 21, 2018

Originally posted on Newsmax On Monday, April 30, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, publicly unveiled 100,000 secret Iranian documents, pilfered by Mossad, proving the Joint …

The Trump Way to Neutralize The Iranian Threat

Frank Gaffney, Jr. F by Frank Gaffney, Jr. May. 21, 2018

Today, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered one of the most important speechesof this century.  In its course, he drew the starkest possible contrast between …

Status of US-China Trade War

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio May. 21, 2018

With Claudia Rosett, Rick Fisher, Gordon Chang and John Guandolo

China’s Military Power Play

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio May. 18, 2018

With Adm. James ‘Ace’ Lyons, Bill Gertz and Nik Kowsar ADM. JAMES ‘ACE’ LYONS, Former Commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Served as …

RIP Richard Pipes, Hero of the Cold War

Secure Freedom Minute S by Secure Freedom Minute May. 18, 2018

Ronald Reagan trenchantly warned that “every generation faces an existential threat to freedom.” Yesterday, America lost Richard Pipes, a man who played an outsized, yet …