Considering history, COVID-19 is hardly a plague

Peter Pry P by Peter Pry May. 26, 2020

In three months, the U.S. economy has gone from being the most prosperous in history into a deepening New Great Depression from which there may be no quick recovery. More than 39 million Americans are unemployed, some 15 percent of the workforce, eclipsing the worst of the 1930s Great Depression.

Israel, the EU, and International Law

David Wurmser D by David Wurmser May. 26, 2020

Sometimes events provide clarifying moments. The European Union’s response to the prospect of Israel’s annexation of parts of the Jordan Valley, in which several almost entirely Jewish settlement blocs are located, is such a moment. By dressing up cynical political calculations as “the rule of law,” Europe in fact risks undermining Jewish rights and violating the very body of international law EU leaders claim to defend.

How can the US help the people of Hong Kong in their fight against the CCP?

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio May. 26, 2020

With Mark Hyman, Claudia Rosett, Kevin Freeman and Fred Fleitz

How the CCP is still absconding with our troop’s savings

Frank Gaffney, Jr. F by Frank Gaffney, Jr. May. 26, 2020

Thank heavens, President Trump recently blocked the investment of retirement savings of U.S. military personnel and other federal employees in Chinese Communist Party companies.

WEBINAR: North Korea: Next Steps for the Trump Administration

Center for Security Policy C by Center for Security Policy May. 25, 2020

During this week’s Center for Security Policy national security webinar, national security expert Claudia Rosett discussed with Center for Security Policy President Fred Fleitz the state of play on U.S.-North Korea relations, the status of Kim Jong Un and next steps for President Trump’s North Korea policy.