Independence Day Thoughts During a Turbulent Year

Fred Fleitz F by Fred Fleitz Jul. 3, 2020

Tonight, President Trump will celebrate America’s independence and our nation’s 244th birthday with a massive firework display at Mount Rushmore. The faces of four great American presidents whose leadership helped make our country exceptional are sculpted into what has been called a shrine to our republic.

The things that bump in Iran’s nights

David Wurmser D by David Wurmser Jul. 3, 2020

For the third time in five days, Iran has been rocked by massive explosions yesterday (July 2).  All three are mysterious, with the only clarity being that Iranian official explanations lack credibility or consistency.

The UN Again Shows its Worthlessness by Refusing to Back Iran Arms Embargo Extension

Fred Fleitz F by Fred Fleitz Jul. 2, 2020

On Tuesday, June 30, the UN Security Council unanimously rejected a U.S. proposal to indefinitely extend a UN conventional arms embargo against Iran that is scheduled to expire in October.  Council members also voiced their opposition to the U.S. plan to “snap back” sanctions on Iran that were lifted by the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, the JCPOA.

Gordon Chang: China Takes Aim at Hong Kong

Tony Perkins T by Tony Perkins Jul. 1, 2020

“Hong Kong right now, for all intents and purposes, is just part of the mainland. There is no high degree of autonomy … this is really just China’s fully absorbing Hong Kong,” noted prominent China expert and author Gordon Chang on Tuesday’s Washington Watch. “Beijing is going to set up a national security office in Hong Kong, which would be for the first time … So, the long arm of China just got a little bit longer.”

The hubbub about ‘the boogaloo’ is the worst kind of fake news

Kyle Shideler K by Kyle Shideler Jul. 1, 2020

As self-described Marxists and anarchists rampage through American cities, threaten lives, destroy historic monuments, burn churches, and terrorize the public, the Department of Homeland Security’s crack analysts have emphasized the real threat: Hawaiian shirts and cartoon frogs.