Center for Security Policy Welcomes Home Fred Fleitz from the White House; Frank Gaffney Passes the Torch to Fleitz for the Center’s Second Thirty Years

Center for Security Policy C by Center for Security Policy Oct. 15, 2018

White House National Security Council Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary Fred Fleitz has accepted the Center for Security Policy’s invitation to return next month and succeed Frank J. Gaffney as President and CEO in January 2019. Gaffney, who founded the organization in 1988, will assume the new role of the Center’s Executive Chairman.

George Soros and the Assault on America’s Faith Community

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio Oct. 18, 2018

With Kelly Kullberg and David Goldman

“Everything in the region really hinges on the fate of Saudi Arabia and we cannot allow that to collapse”

One America News O by One America News Oct. 18, 2018

Center VP for Government Relations J. Michael Waller explains the consequences that would accompany a Saudi regime collapse and why such a collapse cannot be …

Early Warning of Hillary’s Indifference to National Security Threats

Secure Freedom Minute S by Secure Freedom Minute Oct. 18, 2018

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. Hillary Clinton has finally lost her Top Secret security clearance.  It’s about time, since nobody else …

Gaffney likens Khashoggi episode to “a war between two mafia Dons”

One America News O by One America News Oct. 17, 2018

Center President Frank Gaffney discusses issues pertaining to Jamal Khashoggi.