The race for quantum supremacy

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio Dec. 9, 2019

With Robert Spalding

Is Belarus the next Crimea?

Morgan Wirthlin M by Morgan Wirthlin Dec. 6, 2019

Belarus seldom comes to mind when thinking about European security. That might change.

Russia modernizes its nuclear weapons & US seems not to mind

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio Dec. 6, 2019

With John Rossomando, Dr. Mark Schneider, Grant Newsham and Dr. Peter Pry

Fred Fleitz praises the President’s bold leadership amid growing threats from Iran

Center for Security Policy C by Center for Security Policy Dec. 6, 2019

Center President Fred Fleitz joined Lou Dobbs and KT McFarland to provide insight on reports that the Pentagon is considering sending some 7,000 US troops to the Middle East to “counter what it sees as an increasing threat from Iran.”

Help the Iranian people achieve their liberation

Frank Gaffney, Jr. F by Frank Gaffney, Jr. Dec. 6, 2019

American military forces last month intercepted a vessel attempting to deliver guided missile equipment from Iran to Houthi rebels in Yemen, offering fresh confirmation of the mullahs’ ongoing, threatening and destabilizing behavior in the Mideast – and beyond.