The SPLC’s Enablers Must Disavow It

Secure Freedom Minute S by Secure Freedom Minute Jun. 22, 2018

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. The Southern Poverty Law Center has finally admitted what many of those it has attacked over …

House GOP Immigration Plans

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio Jun. 22, 2018

With Michael Cutler, Shoshana Bryen, John Guandolo and Bill Gertz

Gaffney on U.S. withdrawing from UNHRC: “This is a big deal”

Secure Freedom Video S by Secure Freedom Video Jun. 21, 2018

Center President and CEO, Frank Gaffney, joins Alex Marlow to talk about the U.S. withdrawing from the UNHRC as well as the border security problem …

PROOF: Foreign & hostile actors DID have access to HRC’s emails!

One America News O by One America News Jun. 21, 2018

Center Executive VP Chris Hull joined Liz Wheeler to discuss the Hillary Clinton email scandal with the FBI.

Trade War: US vs China

Secure Freedom Radio S by Secure Freedom Radio Jun. 21, 2018

With Amb. Hank Cooper, Dr. Mark Schneider, Russ Dallen and David Goldman