Moscow secretly funded US anti-fracking groups. Is it now attacking US energy companies?

J. Michael Waller J by J. Michael Waller Mar. 24, 2019

Is Moscow funding climate-change activists to damage the American energy industry around the world? In an effort to slow down US natural gas production, the …

Wide-Ranging Interview With Frank Gaffney on Breitbart News Daily

Secure Freedom Video S by Secure Freedom Video Mar. 22, 2019

The Center’s Executive Chairman Frank Gaffney covers a variety of topics in a wide-ranging interview on Breitbart News Daily. Some of the issues discussed include: …

Frank Gaffney Tells OANN About the Slaughter of Nigerian Christians by Sharia Supremacists

One America News O by One America News Mar. 22, 2019

The Center’s Executive Chairman Frank Gaffney tells One America News Network about Sharia supremacists slaughtering Nigerian Christians.

Boycott of AIPAC Conference by Dem Presidential Candidates: Another Sign of Growing Anti-Semitism on the Left

Fred Fleitz F by Fred Fleitz Mar. 22, 2019

The annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) policy conference, which opened in Washington this week, has long been a required stop for American politicians.  …