April 8: How Islamists Use Sharia to Prevent Assimilation and Hold American Muslims Back

Center for Security Policy C by Center for Security Policy Apr. 3, 2020
CLICK TO REGISTER: The Center for Security Policy encourages you join us for a panel on the negative impact Islamists and sharia play in the American Muslim community. Joining us will be Dalia al-Aqidi and Dr. Zhudi Jasser, to discuss the tactics and techniques used by Islamists to keep American Muslims separated and unintegrated, and how all Americans can help push back.

White House daily coronavirus press conference – 04/07/20

Washington Post W by Washington Post Apr. 7, 2020

President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force speaks to the press at the White House on Tuesday, April 7.

Red China and the Wuhan Virus pandemic

Christopher Holton C by Christopher Holton Apr. 7, 2020

The past month is without precedent in the United States. Our way of life, our society, our culture, our economy and our liberty have all to varying degrees been brought to a screeching halt by a pandemic resulting from a virus originating in Wuhan, China. And, unless you are in complete denial, the overwhelming substantial evidence indicates that this virus came from Communist China due to neglect, incompetence or belligerence—or perhaps due to a combination of all three.

China’s glass house: Beijing is interfering in our 2020 election. What are we going to do about it?

J Michael Waller J by J Michael Waller Apr. 7, 2020

The Chinese regime’s secret sponsorship of a paid Facebook campaign to attack President Donald Trump during an election campaign gives the US the right to …