Dangers of the Saudi peace proposal

Saudi Arabia says it’s offering an initiative for peace with Israel.

Crown Prince Abdullah presented no actual proposal – just hype amid worldwide speculation and undeserved plaudits. But he’s getting a diplomatic makeover despite:


  • Riyadh’s continued funding of schools that sow fanatical hatred of the US and serve as terrorist recruitment grounds;

  • the kingdom’s refusal to make a full and public expression of regret over the September 11 attacks perpetrated by its citizens;

  • its constraints on the US to use its own regional assets against terrorism.

Hope that Saudi Arabia will now be part of the Arab-Israeli peace process gives Riyadh room to continue undermining US operations against Iraq, rewards one-and-a-half years of suicide bombings, and will re-open the Arabs’ war option against Israel, providing the avenues of attack to “drive the Jews into the sea.”

Click here to link to the official P.A. map of Palestine.

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