Iran’s terrorist regime is collapsing – and the US appears clueless about what to do

An historic opportunity has been placed at the United States’ doorstep – and the West appears clueless about what to do.

Iran’s terrorist regime is on its last legs. Having lost whatever popular support they might have had, the increasingly paranoid mullahs are facing an ever angry, and ever more assertive, populace that wants the regime to go. The Iranian population is arguably the most pro-US among any Muslim society in the Middle East, yet the Bush administration seems unready to take advantage and support what could be a democratic revolution.

Indeed, the State Department is running its own back-door appeasement operations with the hated regime.

While the US is squandering its immense democratic arsenal to promote nonviolent change in Iran, in nextdoor Iraq, Saddam Hussein has a terrorist arsenal of his own, and is readying to unleash it, as terrorism expert Michael Ledeen explains in National Review Online.

Ledeen adds, “The whole region is like a Colorado or Arizona landscape, a vast tinderbox waiting for a spark to set it aflame. We hold matches galore: radio and television stations, bully pulpits all over Washington, plenty of high-tech communications toys that the Iranian opposition could use with devastating effect, and money for the overwhelming majority of hard-working Iranians who today cannot subsist on their salaries. Is there really no one in a position of authority who understands the importance of our political and moral voice at this potential turning point in Middle East history?

“Faster, please. It may happen tomorrow. “

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