Latin America’s radical grassroots (part 1)

The emergence of Latin American neo-populism, as well as the political mobilization indigenous peoples, has created a new class of political prey for radical leaders and terrorist groups.  The Piquetero Movement in Argentina, indigenous movements such as the Zapatistas in Mexico, the CONAIE in Ecuador, the radical indigenous movement in Chile, and the landless movement in Brazil are some examples of this worrying and growing phenomenon.  This article details and analyzes the fundamental currents which underlie this new movement taking place in Latin America.


  • Brazil’s Lula visits Bush for Ethanol and World Trade Talks.
  • "Venezuela is a drug dealers’ temple." The Venezuelan Government seizes private land. Jews fear for future in Venezuela.
  • Chile: Trouble for Bachelet. Bachelet shuffles Cabinet. Chile and Japan sign free trade agreement.
  • FARC calls upon Lula and Chavez for recognition. FARC would accept US lawmakers in talks.
  • Bolivia: Morales may extend term in office. Head of state energy firm replaced.
  • Mexico: Zapatista "Subcomandante Marcos" launches countrywide tour praising Chavez, Morales and Correa. State Oil Company in Financial Trouble.
  • Cuba and Nebraska sign trade deals.
  • Colombia accused of violating Ecuador sovereignty. Para-scandal: Colombia amry chief denies role in 2002 raid.    

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