Colombian-American relations

The Menges Hemispheric Security Project was asked to submit a statement for the hearing before the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the House Committee on Foreign Relations on US-Colombia Relations. This hearing took place on April 24, 2007 and was held to consider continued funding for Plan Colombia and ratification of a free trade agreement between The United States and Colombia. Our statement clearly supports the recent accomplishments of the Uribe Administration in demobilizing the paramilitaries and encourages members of Congress to move forward with Plan Colombia and FTA.                                                            


  • Colombia’s Uribe slams Gore’s snub. Some call Gore hypocritical. Colombian business people show total support for Uribe after Gore’s snub.
  • Hugo Chavez to indoctrinate workers on Marxism. Thousands protest government closure of TV network. Chavez regulates prices at private hospitals. Moves to expropriate. Chavez to create state power corporation.
  • Political turmoil in Ecuador.
  • Cuba supports Iran’s nuclear plans. Castro’s health better but still delicate. Fidel and Raul receive high ranking Chinese delegation.
  • Paraguay and Venezuela: agreement on refinery.
  • Brazil and Bolivia can’t reach accord one year after oil nationalization.
  • Peru and U.S. solidify relations during Garcia’s visit.
  • Nicaragua : Ortega back Iran nuke program. Nicaragua wants ‘freedom’ from IMF in 5 years, says Ortega.
  • Bolivia retakes gas station; gas exports to Argentina to ease. Bolivia moves closer to Telecom Nationalization.

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