Chavez’s dangerous intervention in Peru

In recent weeks, there have been massive protests in different regions of Peru that have turned extremely violent due to the infiltration of terrorist groups such as "Shining Path," "Patria Roja" and others. Although some of the demands of the population are legitimate, analysts are convinced that the demonstrations are being promoted by Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez. Peru’s Prime minister, Jorge del Castillo, has spoken out against the Union and regional leaders saying that followers of President Chávez, especially in Puno, are internally interfering with Peru’s government in an attempt to weaken the Garcia regime. An analysis of the situation.


  • Chavez threatens to throw out foreigners who criticize him. Chavez sets unlimited terms for President. Venezuela to buy $1 billion worth of arms from Belarus. Chávez visits Nicaragua. Chávez inaugurates refinery in Nicaragua. Venezuela : a hub for cocaine smuggling. Venezuela may regulate RCTV although signal is transmitted through cable.
  • Peru : "Ollanta Humala receives $600,000 dollars from Hugo Chavez every month."
  • Ecuador : Correa says he fears for his life. Ecuador re-negotiates foreign oil deals.
  • Bolivians at war over move of capital city. Morales seeks indefinite re-election terms. Bolivia : new economic model in Progress.
  • Uribe: Colombia has overcome paramilitarism.
  • Argentina : Presidential Candidate Cristina Kirchner Visits Spain. Argentina : 13th anniversary of the AMIA bombing. Kirchner approval drops to less than 50%. Analysis of the current inflation problem in Argentina by Chief Economist of Standard Chartered Bank, Doug Smith.
  • Peru offers air base access to U.S.

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