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One of the most impressive people I have ever met anywhere at any time is Josh Mandel.

Josh is a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve and an Assemblyman from the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Josh previously served as a city councilmember and has served two combat tours in Iraq.

One of the key initiatives that Josh worked on in the Ohio state legislature in 2007 was a move to have Ohio’s public pension systems divest from foreign companies that did business in/with Iran.

Largely as a result of Josh’s efforts, a deal was struck between the legislative leadership in Ohio and the pension systems to divest from companies doing business with Iran’s oil and gas sector.

Today, Josh is being challenged for his seat. His opponent, a plaintiff’s attorney, and he made some truly unpatriotic, bigoted and outrageous comments about Josh’s service.

Rather than have me re-invent the wheel, take a look at this excellent article by Joel Mowbry:

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