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Free Fire | | Economic Threats of Shariah, [CSP Journal]

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The time has come to make it clear to those who are helping our enemies that they are not with us – and that there are real costs associated with being against us.

A company that is at the moment a prime candidate for such treatment is Royal Dutch Shell.   According to the Conflict Security Advisory Group (CSAG) – an independent market research firm whose Global Security Risk Monitor online database is the industry standard for assessing publicly traded companies that do business with terrorist-sponsoring regimes – this Anglo-Dutch corporation has done billions of dollars of dollars over the years with the Islamic Republic of Iran.   It even has four offices in Tehran.

Last week, however, Shell Chief Executive Jeroen van der Veer told participants in a conference call that his firm and a Spanish oil company, Repsol, have entered into a preliminary understanding to help the Iranian regime develop part of its vast South Pars natural gas reserve.   Press reports indicate that Tehran believes the deal is worth $10 billion.

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