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The Center for Security Policy Press is pleased to announce the release of it’s third book, Homegrown: Defense: Biofuels and National Security. Homegrown Defense is a collection of essays by both leading national security and renewable energy experts who’ve written widely on the subject, including: Wesley K Clark, Greg Dolan, Frank Gaffney, Burl Haigwood, Gal Luft, and Robert Zubrin.

“Today, there is growing and increasingly unmistakable evidence of the existence of a nexus between energy and security. The latter should be properly understood to include economic and environmental security, as well as the more traditional aspects of national security. And each is being threatened by serious vulnerabilities associated with America’s dependence on foreign supplies of oil.” (From Frank Gaffney’s “The Perilous Nexus)

Homegrown Defense is available for purchase at for $12.50.



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