National Security Policy Proceedings, vol. 6: Fall 2011

This is the sixth issue of the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Policy Proceedings.

From Ben Lerner’s Editor’s Note:

National Security Policy Proceedings represents the Center’s compilation of transcripts of remarks given by featured speakers at these gatherings. In some cases, speakers have chosen to submit their remarks to Proceedings as original articles. Additionally, Proceedings includes book reviews of recently published national security-themed books, reviewed by eminent scholars in the field.

In publishing Proceedings, the Center has sought to provide the reader with authoritative yet accessible commentary on the most pressing issues of national security, foreign affairs, defense policy, and homeland security. Because the speakers and those in attendance are routinely in contact with one another and are often collaborating on analytical and educational efforts, it is our intention that Proceedings give the reader a unique window into how those in the national security policy community convey and exchange ideas with one another, among friends and colleagues.


National Security Policy Proceedings

Vol. 6: Fall 2011




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Editor’s Note

After Japan
(Assessing Nuclear Energy)

Ignoring Latin America

Terror & Drugs at the Southern Border

To the Arab Spring, Lessons from Lebanon


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