The Iranian Supreme Leader Holds All the Cards of Power

With Fred Grandy, Ilan Berman, Roger Noriega, Bill Gertz

Former Congressman FRED GRANDY comments on the week’s national security news, from the President’s counterterrorism speech to the horrific jihadist attack in London.

ILAN BERMAN, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council, analyzes the recent announcement that several prominent candidates will no longer be permitted to run for President of Iran, and explains what that shows about the power of the Iranian Supreme Leader.

Former US Ambassador ROGER NORIEGA gives a brief overview of developments in Venezuela and Latin America as well as provides a unique insight into the background of  two presidential candidates running in the upcoming Iranian elections, both of whom have known ties with terrorism.

BILL GERTZ of the Washington Free Beacon discusses President Obama’s most recent speech and his future plans for Afghanistan as well as discusses the significance of encouraging people to band together and not let Obama and his administration continue their assault on free press.