Oleksander Tuchynov Named Ukraine’s Interim President As Yanukovych Flees Kiev

With Doug Lamborn, Raymond Stock, Gordon Chang, Christian Whiton

Congressman DOUG LAMBORN, member of the House Armed Services Committee and representative for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, raises concerns about Russia violating the New START treaty, comments on America’s growing EMP threat awareness, and discusses the invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a special joint session of Congress.

The Middle East Forum’s RAYMOND STOCK predicts what the resignation of the Egyptian government this morning means about the likelihood of an al-Sisi presidency.

GORDON CHANG, of Forbes.com, takes a look at John Kerry’s recent visit to China, where the Secretary of State opted to prioritize discussions on global warming ahead of North Korean aggression.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, author of “Smart Power: Between Diplomacy and War,” discusses the chaos unfolding in Ukraine and the possibility of a Polish window to the EU. He also goes over what occurred at last week’s “Three Amigos” summit in North America.