“Dialogue of the Deaf” Between Obama and Venezuela’s Maduro

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With Rep. Lamar Smith, Joseph Humire, Christian Whiton, and Bill Roggio

Rep. LAMAR SMITH, Chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee

  • The Center for Immigration Studies publishes a report on 36,000 criminal aliens released from detention last year
  • Obama’s history of ignoring existing immigration laws and attempting to create his own via executive order
  • Arguments against the ENLIST Act, which would legalize illegal immigrants who join the US military

JOSEPH HUMIRE, author of “Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America”

  • “Dialogue of the deaf” between Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and the Obama administration
  • Is Maduro in danger of being overthrown by his own military?
CHRISTIAN WHITON, Principle at DC International Advisory:
  • Harsh criticism being received by the Sultan of Brunei from the American political left for imposing shariah law in an attempt to appease political critics
  • Problems that have come from Hillary Clinton not designating Boko Haram a terrorist group when Secretary of State
  • The troubling lack of oversight in the dealings of the State Department—why was aide Huma Abedin allowed to talk with private clients about topics in her portfolio?
  • The delicate combination of force and diplomacy to combat the issue of shariah in Sudan

BILL ROGGIO, Editor of the Long War Journal:

  • Status of and problems with the US policy of training and arming “moderate” rebel groups in Syria
  • Will those groups pass along US weapons to Al Qaeda?
  • Jihadist resurgence in Yemen