What is the Future of President-Elect Erdogan’s Turkey?

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With Harold Rhode, Michael O’Hanlon, Gordon Chang, Katie Gorka

HAROLD RHODE, former Advisor on Islamic Affairs in the Office of the Secretary of Defense:

  • Implications of the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as President of Turkey on the ongoing power struggles in his country
  • Why is Erdogan willing to settle for a mainly ceremonial position?
  • Possible replacements for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki
  • Thoughts on the conflict between Israel and Hamas

MICHAEL O’HANLON, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence:

  • Application of the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) norm in Iraq
  • Can Turkish leader Erdogan be a reliable US ally?
  • The impact of the US withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan on America’s broader Middle East policy
  • An update on the situation in Eastern Ukraine and Russia’s agenda in the region

GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:

  • The threat posed to Malaysia and Indonesia by fighters returning from the ranks of ISIS
  • The rise of militarists in the Chinese government
  • Chinese crackdowns on Western businesses and employees
  • The impact of an anti-corruption campaign on the Chinese economy and the Communist Party

KATIE GORKA, President and co-Founder of the Council on Global Security:

  • Campaigns to eliminate Christians from Iraq and parts of the Middle East and North Africa more broadly
  • Was President Obama showing “selective concern” when he intervened to protect the Yazidis but not the Christians also endangered by the Islamic State?
  • The response- or lack thereof- from Church leaders to the persecution of Christians