ICYMI: Fred Fleitz on Obama, Intelligence, and Russia

Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow Fred Fleitz was interviewed on the September 4th, 2014 edition of Secure Freedom Radio. The entire interview may be listened to here.

On President Obama’s attitude towards his Presidential Daily Briefs:

My view is that [President Obama] is taking after one of the worst presidents in American history, Bill Clinton, on foreign policy. He thinks he knows better than the experts, and he has very bad plans that he’s come up with himself. I think he reads this intelligence in the [Presidential Daily Brief], and since it doesn’t match his policy assumptions—and we saw Bill Clinton do this—he’s just rejecting it…I think that there is an arrogance here, and it is made worse by incompetence.

On Vladimir Putin:

I’m writing a piece write now that looks at statements by Obama officials that nations simply don’t engage in military operations to bully and invade other nations in this century like they did in the 19th century. Putin has done this repeatedly: in Georgia, in Moldova. Look at the outrageous crackdowns in Chechnya. He’s done this again and again and again. There are still troops in Georgia, there are still troops in Moldovan territory. The West protested, then moved on. Putin has no reason to believe NATO won’t do the same thing with Ukraine.