American Valor

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With Mark Lee Greenblatt, author of “Valor: Unsung Heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front”


  • How selflessness in danger helps to make a valorous service member
  • The role that training plays in fostering life-saving camaraderie
  • Applauding the consistent humility of decorated service members


  • Greenblatt’s method of profiling valor
  • Dan Foster’s stalwart commitment to defending his brothers in a remote outpost in Afghanistan
  • Steve Sanford’s courageous foray under fire to save the life of a mortally wounded squad mate


  • Army helicopter pilot Ryan Welch’s heroic rescue over the “Triangle of Death”
  • Navy rescue swimmer Kyle Need saves shipwrecked civilian during horrific storm
  • The media’s hesitation to cover heroic stories because of the “cheerleader image” concern


  • Consequences of a disturbing disconnect between the military and the US civilian population
  • Bridging the gap between communities less invested in the military
  • The importance of awareness, understanding, and jobs to a veteran’s successful assimilation back into the civilian sector