Executive Amnesty May be Coming to a Town Near You

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With Rosemary Jenks

ROSEMARY JENKS, Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA:


  • Assessing data of illegal aliens inside the U.S. and their politically motivated label as ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’
  • Have flawed monitoring mechanisms taken the place of successful measures documenting illegal immigration?
  • A refusal of the administration to implement certain amnesty-related legislation
  • Questions regarding Congress-appropriated funding to border security


  • A leaked document giving insight into a possible ten point plan to grant quasi-legal work permits
  • Looking back at President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program
  • Highlighting extraconstitutional actions in immigration policy
  • Deportation laws to individual states undermined by the Department of Homeland Security


  • Top GOP congressional leaders stance concerning executive amnesty
  • A look at the complexities of ethnic voting blocks
  • An omnibus spending bills effects on Congress’ power of the purse


  • Economic and employment implications of a blanket amnesty
  • Job market fluctuations with raising the minimum wage in concert with granting amnesty
  • Security concerns of amnesty amid an insecure border
  • American sovereignty in 2014
  • Voter ID laws and controversy over illegal aliens having the right to vote