President Obama Cozies up to Iran, Continues to Give Israel Cold Shoulder

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with Rep. Peter Roskam, Kiron Skinner, Gal Luft, Gordon Chang

Rep. PETER ROSKAM (IL-6), incoming House Ways and Means Committee Oversight Subcommittee Chair:

  • Secret U.S.-Iran nuclear negotiations
  • Newly disclosed Iranian cyber attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure
  • Is the U.S. going to sanction Israel for settlement construction in the West Bank?
  • Debating the future of Guantanamo Bay
  • Unanswered questions about a House Intelligence Committee report on the 2012 Benghazi attacks

Dr. KIRON SKINNER, Glenn W. Campbell Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution:

  • Predicting the doctrine of Secretary of Defense Nominee Ash Carter
  • Is there a more hawkish future for U.S. nuclear weapons policy?
  • Using Reagan’s NSDD-75 as a template for battling radical Islamist ideology

Dr. GAL LUFT, Co-Director of The Institute of the Analysis of Global Security:

  • Saudi Arabia’s manipulation of oil prices and the implication for American energy producers
  • How the world—and America—should combat the volatile oil market

GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:

  • International legal action against Chinese violations of the Law of the Sea Treaty
  • Reports that the Obama Administration may offer China a space arms control treaty
  • Xi Jinping’s move to further consolidate power by arresting China’s internal security czar, Zhou Yongkang
  • Chinese and North Korean connections to the recent Sony Entertainment hackings
  • Updates on the Hong Kong democracy protests