Thoughts on a Busy Year of National Security

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With Bill Gertz

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon:


  • A year of Communist China pushing the U.S. out of Asia
  • Intelligence brief on secret Chinese nuclear forces
  • China’s new J-31 stealth jet and DF31B missile


  • Chinese Mission Action 2014 and combined-arms warfare
  • Naval aggression in the South and East China Seas
  • How new asymmetric advances are changing China’s capabilities in the space and cyber domains
  • Looking back at the five PLA hackers indicted in the United States


  • The North Korean information warfare campaign
  • America’s failure to counter the radical Islamist ideology in 2014
  • The need for an “Information America” service to battle anti-U.S. propaganda


  • Steps for the Pentagon to improve U.S. nuclear deterrence
  • Ballistic missiles currently in occupied Crimea and other prior Russian violations of the 1987 INF Treaty
  • Sequestration funding cuts and protracted wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq hemorrhaging U.S. conventional forces
  • The Obama Administration’s passive approach to cyber conflict