The Perils of Closing Gitmo Amid the Global Jihad

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With Bill Roggio, Fred Fleitz, Reza Kahlili, Patrick Dunleavy

BILL ROGGIO, Managing Editor at The Long War Journal:
  • The link between AQAP and the Paris jihadists
  • Boko Haram attack in Nigeria against civilians and a multinational African force
  • “One must recognize an enemy in order to defeat an enemy”

FRED FLEITZ, former CIA Intelligence Analyst:

  • Why fighting shariah should be added to the discussion of countering violent extremism
  • Evidence AQAP and the Islamic State are competing for the same goal, despite minor differences between the groups
  • The intelligence domain of the Center for Security Policy’s Secure Freedom Strategy
  • Urgent need to cease White House overreach into the intelligence bureaucracy
REZA KAHLILI, former undercover CIA agent in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and author of “A Time To Betray”:
  • The true nature of Iranian intentions
  • Why negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program are doomed to fail
  • Will military action be required to halt Iran’s dangerous advances?

PATRICK DUNLEAVY, former Deputy Inspector General for New York State’s Department of Corrections and author of “The Fertile Soil of Jihad: Terrorism’s Prison Connection”:

  • Dangers of relocating Guantanamo Bay detainees to countries with inadequate counterterrorism oversight programs
  • Investigation into the civilization jihad and Islamic radicalization continuing to take place in the U.S. prison system