Secure Freedom Radio Highlight – Tawfik Hamid

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Today’s Secure Freedom Radio was kicked off by an interview with Dr. Tawfik Hamid.

Dr. Hamid is an Islamic reformer and Senior Fellow and Chair for the Study of Islamic Radicalism at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. His life work is focused on bringing Islam into the modern world and countering the Salafist ideology that animates the majority of Sunni Islamic terrorist groups.

As a former member of the Islamic terrorist group Jamaah Islamiyah, he was well aquatinted with who is now al-Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahirim. His inspiring story provides him with first hand testimony on the ideology and psychology behind the Global Jihad Movement and their program of Shariah.

He supported Egyptian President al-Sisi’s speech at al-Azhar, highlighting the common threat the Brotherhood poses to both Egypt and America as well as the courageous efforts being made to champion a truly moderate Islam.

Finally, Dr. Hamid took issue with the Obama Administration’s foreign policy regarding their tactics in “countering violent extremism” and their relationship with Muslim Brotherhood front groups that purport to speak for the entire Muslim community.

It seems that the Administration does not know anything about the phenomena of radical Islam. If they analyze the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s not much different from any Jihadi group. All what the Brotherhood are doing is they represent a nice face, smiley face of the Jihadi groups that can sit with us on table and pretend that they are civilized. However, the reality on ground is showing the opposite. For example, when Muhammad Morsi came to power in Egypt he released the radical Jihadists from the prisons who are now currently causing troubles in the country.

That is the phenomena that many need to understand here in the US, that the psychological factors here play a major role. When they see you here in America accepting and celebrating the Muslim Brotherhood, they do not stop their terrorism they increase it. So what President Obama is doing here is actually aggravating terrorism in the Middle East and aggravating the violence. They need to know this, that their actions here causes a lot of troubles there and if they do not stop such accommodation for the Brotherhood they should not expect anything but things will get much worse and worse.

In fact, they are more dangerous than the Jihadists because the Jihadists are clear that they are violent, barbaric people. But these people who are behind the money, finance, and support and gradual infiltration which can be more dangerous to our society and to the world than the clearly apparent Jihadists that you can fight because you know they are evil.

It seems very schizophrenic to on one hand spend all this money to fight Islamic Radicalism and on the other hand, not to stand beside President al-Sisi in his war against the radicals. This seems to be very ironic and bizarre.

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