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Free Fire | | Appointments & Policymakers, Counterterrorism, Middle East, Nuclear Deterrence

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One of the most egregious examples of the politicization of U.S. intelligence came to light yesterday. The Worldwide Threat Assessment issued by the Director of National Intelligence on behalf of the U.S. intelligence community no longer reflects either Iran or Hezbollah as terrorist threats.

Now, that may jive with President Obama’s desire to remove all impediments to a nuclear deal with the Iranians. But it certainly doesn’t bear any relation to the facts. Ever since 1979, the mullahs of Iran and their proxies, Hezbollah, have engaged in relentless, murderous jihadist attacks against us, our allies and interests.

Team Obama’s serial lies about its incipient capitulation regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions is reprehensible. But its engineering of a threat assessment that does not include two of the greatest terrorist threats we face is downright malfeasant.

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