Grover Norquist suspends involvement with NRA Board

Grover Norquist has suspended his involvement with the Board of the National Rifle Association pending the completion of its investigation of charges that he has for seventeen years been involved with and enabled Muslim Brotherhood influence operations against the conservative movement and Republican Party. This is a welcome, and long-overdue, step towards disassociating the NRA from a man whose past and ongoing conduct is odds with the core, patriotic beliefs of the organization’s rank-and-file.

As Fox News reported (, radio and TV talk show host Glenn Beck, who has conducted his own, extensive on-air investigation of the charges against Norquist, announced on 14 April that: “[The NRA has] assured me and their membership that this will not be a whitewash, this will be a legitimate investigation. I believe they will do the right thing in turning over every stone and following the evidence wherever it takes them.”

Highlights of Mr. Beck’s inquiry – which represents the gold standard against which the rigor and integrity of the NRA investigation will be judged – are here: