A Deal at Any Cost

With Rep. Brad Wenstrup, Mayor Beth Van Duyne, Andy McCarthy, Dr. J. Peter Pham

Rep. BRAD WENSTRUP, U.S. Congressman for Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District:

  • Evidence for the effectiveness of Iran sanctions
  • How will China use the government personnel data it gathered by hacking OPM?
  • Devastating impacts of the shrinking U.S. aircraft carrier force

BETH VAN DUYNE, Mayor of Irving, TX:

  • The Mayor’s fight against the establishment of an Islamic tribunal in Irving
  • Events following Mayor Van Duyne’s investigation of Shariah Courts in Texas
  • Why some state officials voted in favor of Islamic tribunal

ANDY McCARTHY, former Federal Prosecutor:

  • The Appellate Court ruling going after military commissions
  • Implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on vanity license plates
  • The likely outcome of Congress’ vote on Trade Promotion Authority

Dr. J. PETER PHAM, Director of the Africa Center at the Atlantic Council:

  • Boko Haram’s increased military operations
  • The humanitarian crisis caused by the civil war in South Sudan
  • How did General Bashir avoid arrest in South Africa?