One Day Until Nuclear Deadline, Yet Still No Compromise

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With Rep. Mike Pompeo, Gordon Chang, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, Dr. Tevi Troy

Rep. MIKE POMPEO (KS-4), Member of House Select Committee on Intelligence, and House Select Committee on Benghazi:

  • Status of the Iran negotiations one day away from June 30th deadline
  • Implications of the recent OPM hack on the US ability to conduct counter intelligence
  • Ways Congress can protect this country’s most vulnerable infrastructure
  • When will the truth be told about what happened at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi?

GORDON CHANG, Columnist at and blogs at World Affairs Journal:

  • Recent meetings between Chinese and American officials in Washington
  • Intensified military cooperation in the South China Sea
  • Last month’s Chinese-Russian Naval exercises in the Mediterranean
  • The US projecting weakness to China

Rep. BARRY LOUDERMILK (GA-11), Member, House Homeland Security Committee:

  • The US addiction to electricity
  • Threat of geomagnetic solar storms to the electric grid
  • How the Islamic State has had the ability to gain so many foreign fighters

Dr. TEVI TROY, President of the American Health Policy Institute:

  • The genesis and characteristics of MERS
  • A recent flare-up of the Avian Flu and today’s threats from bioterrorism