Bestselling Author Brad Thor on Edward Snowden & the EMP Threat to America

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Bestselling author Brad Thor was on Wednesday’s Secure Freedom Radio to discuss his soon-to-be-released thriller, Code of Conduct. Thor talked about the foundations of his new novel, and the lasting harm that Edward Snowden has caused to the United States. The full interview can be listened to here.

If anyone has any doubt whether or not what Edward Snowden did was a good thing or a bad thing–you know he exposed the mass collection of metadata by the NSA–he’s a bad, bad guy. And the American public has no idea how badly we have been compromised and how much he has handed over to the Russians and the Chinese. I will say this: the fact that the Russians can shoot down a jetliner with absolutely no consequences, that they can go in and take the Crimean Peninsula with no consequences, shows you how impotent the United States is now to stand up to Russia because we don’t have any force. We have lost any ability to threaten them with consequences because of Snowden.

So this idea of a nuclear EMP weapon being used: you know, everyone laughed at the North Koreans when they had their underground tests several years ago, and they said the yield was so bad. Well, the yield may be unimpressive if you think they’re developing a conventional nuclear weapon. If they are miniaturizing things that can be used for EMP purposes, that suddenly takes on a whole new light.