Jihadist Ideology Both in America and Abroad

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With Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, Ilan Berman, State Rep. Judd Matheny, Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Dr. VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence at the Hoover Institution:
  • Important parallels between the Iran deal and other historic acts of appeasement
  • No urgency in cutting a nuclear deal until President Obama put down a deadline
  • Using President Reagan’s Panama Canal treaty to help solve the broken nuclear agreement
  • Request of criminal investigation by Justice and State Department officials regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server

ILAN BERMAN, President of The American Foreign Policy Council:

  • Ilan Berman’s testimony regarding the ‘ObamaBomb’
  • Consequences of Tehran’s signing bonus
  • Global economic motive for the Iranian nuclear deal
  • U.S. forces using Turkish airbases to conduct strikes against ISIS

State Rep. JUDD MATHENY, Representative of the 47th district of Tennessee:

  • Tennessee being the nation’s “Jihad Capital”
  • What can be done to prevent radicalization in American Mosques
  • Influence of Refugee Resettlement programs in Tennessee’s Jihadi problem
Dr. SEBASTIAN GORKA, Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University:
  • The birthday of the Caliphate
  • Four threat vectors of the Islamic State that make it like no other transnational group seen before
  • Taking the fight to the enemy in the counter-idelogical domain