Defending the US from the Global Jihad Movement

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With Judge Michael Mukasey, Dr. Peter Huessy, Gordon Chang, Clare Lopez

Judge MICHAEL MUKASEY, Former Attorney General of the United States:

  • Public safety implications of Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement program
  • Dangers of the administrations criminal justice reform


  • Legal risks in brining Gitmo detainees to the United States
  • Importance of labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization
  • How Sharia Compliant Financing funds the global jihad movement
  • Threats to the First Amendment of the United States

Dr. PETER HUESSY, President of Geostrategic Analysis:

  • President Obama’s agenda to rid the US’ nuclear arsenal
  • Russia and China’s increased nuclear capabilities
  • Advisability of reinstituting the CTBT
  • Developments regarding protecting the US electric grid

GORDON CHANG, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World”:

  • China’s growing demographic crisis
  • Hemorrhaging of the Chinese economy
  • Democratic shift in Asia affecting Beijing’s regional dominance
  • Meeting between the Chinese and Taiwanese presidents

CLARE LOPEZ, Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, former CIA operations officer:

  • Iran’s actions regarding the Obamabomb deal
  • Al-Qaeda’s resurgence in the Middle East
  • Possible dangers of an airline bombing in the US