Crippling Blow to the American Combat Capabilities

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With Elaine Donnelly, Bill Gertz, Ilan Berman, Richard Pollock

ELAINE DONNELLY, Founder and Director of the Center for Military Readiness:

  • Obama’s move to fully integrate women into front line fighting forces
  • Ash Carter’s response to the Marine Corps’ finding regarding women in combat roles
  • Possibility of women becoming draft eligible


  • Dunford’s absence from Ash Carter’s integration announcement
  • What is the “Lean In” agenda?
  • How integrated fighting forces can affect front-line cohesion
  • Dangers of forcing women into combat units

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon:

  • Russia’s most recent incursion into American air space
  • Lack of American response to Russian aggression
  • Obama’s opposition to banning weapons in space
  • Administration’s appeasement of Beijing
  • China’s claim that the OPM hack was not state sponsored

ILAN BERMAN, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council:

  • China’s perception of American strength
  • Administration acknowledging that OPM hack was not state sponsored
  • IAEA’s confirmation of past Iranian nuclear weapon development
  • State Department’s admission that there is no nuclear deal with Tehran

RICHARD POLLOCK, Senior Investigative Reporter at the Daily Caller:

  • Reactions to the media’s coverage of the San Bernardino terrorists
  • Importance of ideology in the terror attacks
  • Political correctness protecting jihadists
  • Obama ignoring warning of accepting Syrian refugees