Fundamental — and Fatal — Transformation of the Military

Defense Secretary Ash Carter yesterday effectively declared that he’ll ignore a rigorous Marine Corps study that found women should not be admitted to all ground combat positions.

The conclusions to be drawn from that analysis undercut Team Obama’s transformational political agenda: Putting women in front-line infantry positions will inevitably make the armed forces less ready, less powerful and more preoccupied with distractions from their vital missions – like surging injuries, pregnancies, divorces and rapes.

This is a bad time to be doing all that to the only military we have.

Marine General and Joint Chiefs Chairman Joe Dunford, opposed this decision and was pointedly absent when it was announced. Sadly, he will now have to preside over the further unraveling of our armed forces under a Commander-in-Chief indifferent to them and their vital role in defending the rest of us.

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