Syria Peace Talks Halted, What’s the President’s Plan?

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With Diana West, Samuel Bendett, Joseph Humire and Fred Fleitz

DIANA WEST, nationally syndicated columnist, author of “American Betrayal” and “Death of a Grownup”:

  • Geert Wilders’ resistance to Europe’s infiltration of Islamism
  • Europe has brought Tahrir Square into every town square
  • What the US can learn from Europe

SAMUEL BENDETT, defense and foreign policy analyst:

  • Russia’s plans for global dominance
  • What Putin’s aggression may mean for former Soviet satellite states
  • How the West was overly optimistic about democratization after the fall of the USSR

JOSEPH HUMIRE, Executive Director at the Center for a Secure Free Society:

  • What will Cuba look like after the death of the Castro brothers?
  • Cuba’s internal population control
  • Islamist penetration of Latin America

FRED FLEITZ, Senior Vice President at the Center for Security Policy, former CIA analyst:

  • Iran’s shopping spree with sanctions relief
  • How JCPOA will play into the elections & possibly hurt Clinton’s presidential bid
  • Upcoming Syrian peace talks