Funding to Fight ISIS in Libya

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With Rep. Doug Lamborn, Brendan Brown, Rep. Brian Babin, Dakota Wood, Bill Gertz

Rep. DOUG LAMBORN (CO-5), House Armed Services Committee, Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces:

  • Gitmo prisoners may be sent to federal prison in Colorado
  • US Arab allies concerned about Iran
  • Review of the hostage taking of US sailors
  • President Obama’s new defense budget
  • Vulnerability of the US electric grid

BRENDAN BROWN, Chief Economic Advisor at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International:

  • Economic consequences if Britain departs from the EU
  • China’s most recent market downturn tied to the West?

Rep. BRIAN BABIN (TX-36), Chairman of the Space Subcommittee on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee:

  • The Resettlement Accountability National Security Act
  • Obama’s choice in visiting a Baltimore mosque
  • Does China maintain space dominance?

DAKOTA WOOD, Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation:

  • History as an indicator for the US defense budget
  • Increased funding in Europe to deter an expansionist Putin
  • A look at the expensive bombing campaign against ISIS

BILL GERTZ, senior editor at The Washington Free Beacon:

  • Russian assertiveness in Syria
  • Chinese Communist Party defector in the custody of US intelligence
  • Increased Chinese cyber attacks on big data
  • Beijing invited to Proliferation Security Initiative despite its weapons sales to North Korea and Iran