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Today on Secure Freedom Radio, Frank Gaffney spoke to Australian author, commentator and columnist Nick Adams who is a fierce critic of political correctness.

Adams describes political correctness as a totalitarian ideology and suggests that it is antithetical to the founding principles of the United States:

“Political correctness is in so many ways, intellectual tyranny, because it seeks to control the mind and in that way it is an ideology in and of itself although I can certainly see how it can also be viewed as a system of a wider ideology. But to me, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that political correctness seeks to control and that’s why political correctness is most prevalent on the left.”

Adams points out that as the controlling force behind media, entertainment and academia, the left has used political correctness to create an anti-American sentiment among some American citizens and other people around the world. This has been particularly effective in education where American history is often taught as something of which to be ashamed.

Gaffney made an excellent point about the overlap between leftist proponents of politically correct culture and Islamists who share nothing in common except a desire to suppress others. It’s often dressed up as diversity but has led to the culture of safe spaces on college campuses and the suppression of free speech.

Continuing in that vein, Adams suggests these groups have other things in common:

“Political correctness is also determined to tear down Western Civilization, to take down Western Civilization a peg or two, to diminish America on the world stage and that’s precisely what the Islamists also want to do. It’s political correctness that’s behind our inability to go out there and defeat this Islamic evil that so clearly exists.”

Gaffney then points out that we can’t even say what we are fighting for fear of offending people and Adams reminds us that Obama won’t even say the words radical Islam.

You can’t defeat an enemy you can’t name.

In this way, politically correct culture impedes our safety and success.

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