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Friday, January 19, 2018 | With Gordon Chang, Bill Gertz, Diana West and Frank Gaffney

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Hawaii’s False Alarm

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With Mark Helprin

MARK HELPRIN, bestselling author, former IDF infantry soldier, Senior Fellow at the Claremont and Hudson Institutes, served as senior foreign policy advisor to former presidential candidate Bob Dole:

  • Spiteful Russia and China bearing down on an America with a declined relative military power and geographic liabilities
  • Three power centers deeply intertwined with alliances and rivalries
  • “Tinderboxes” of today’s world in the Middle East, Balkans, North Korea, and South China Sea
  • US interests tossed to the wayside concerning Iran


  • Russia and Chinese aid to the Iranian regime
  • Vladimir Putin wants to restore Russia to something that precedes the USSR
  • Three Baltic Republics under dire threats


  • Putin and Xi modernizing nuclear arsenals
  • Obama administration’s prolific use of soft power
  • Lower nuclear threshold of Russia
  • US Navy not currently in position to defend South China Sea


  • China’s larger ambitions beyond the region
  • Social engineering from Beijing
  • Characterization of the threat from the global jihad


  • Obama’s legacy of transforming America by making it vulnerable to external pressures
  • Restoring the government’s ability to protect its citizens
  • Assigning priorities in rebuilding the military, rolling back the Muslim Brotherhood in the US, renewing international alliances, and deterring both Russia and the People’s Republic of China
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