China’s Bid for Global Power

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With Rep. Mark Meadows, Robert Vandervoort, Trevor Loudon, Joe Colangelo and Sam Sorbo

Rep. MARK MEADOWS (NC-11), Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and its Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa:

  • DHS whistleblower Phillip Haney
  • China not just a regional player, but a full global power
  • Difficulties navigating policy with China due to economic partnership

ROBERT VANDERVOORT, Executive Director of Pro English:

  • Why English should remain the official language of the United States
  • Due to an Executive Order signed by President Clinton, government must translate any document into any language, regardless of cost
  • Cultural significance of shared languages

TREVOR LOUDON, author of “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives Within the US Congress”:

  • Could your Congressman pass an FBI background check?
  • Neutralization of the FBI
  • Representative Keith Ellison’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

JOE COLANGELO, Executive Director of Consumers’ Research Organization, former Naval Officer:

  • How to raise concern among Millennials about the danger of EMP
  • Options to fix the vulnerability of the US electric grid

SAM SORBO, talk radio host:

  • American people’s lack of understanding about current national security situation
  • Islam is not merely a religion but a social and political ideology as well
  • Continuing debate about the merits of Socialism and Capitalism