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Frank Gaffney spoke with Dr. Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council on Secure Freedom Radio yesterday. The main topic of their discussion was Iran, which is quickly realizing its global goals thanks to the influx of cash they received through Obama’s Iran Deal.

Gaffney asked Berman for an assessment of where we are with Iran. He responded:

“If I had to pick a name for this period of time in the Obama administration, it is the hangover after the Iran Deal… The fundamental reset that was supposed to be part and parcel of the nuclear deal, the recalibration of Iranian attitudes toward the West simply doesn’t exist. In fact the Iranian regime is showing no signs of moderating its internal behavior.”

Gaffney then pointed out that the results of the Iran Deal which were espoused by the Obama administration haven’t come to fruition. Berman agreed and pointed out that Iran’s moderates were even excluded from participating in the country’s recent elections.

Gaffney also reminds us that the IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Agency) is being restricted from inspections in Iran, in violation of a condition which was part of the Iran deal. Berman suggests that the IAEA doesn’t mind this because it makes their job easier and that Iran benefits from being able to develop their nuclear program completely off the grid.

Berman described Iran and its global ambitions:

“Iran is best understood as a revolutionary movement with borders and one that those borders are things that the Iranian regime, to the extent that it’s able to do so, tries to extend outward which is why you saw Iran working so diligently to hijack the ideological rhetoric of the Arab Spring over the last half decade. Which is why you see the Iranians consistently talking in Shiite sectarian terms to Shiite militias in Iraq, the Shiites in Bahrain, the Shiites in Lebanon and so forth.”

Berman suggests that Iran’s designs on global influence were always there but have only become possible in reality through the massive injection of cash they received through the nuclear deal.

The nation’s new wealth is also making it possible for them to pursue strategic alliances with Russia and China to become a major player in Central Asia, something they have long desired, according to Berman.

As Lando Calrissian said in The Empire Strikes Back…

“This deal is getting worse all the time.”

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