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Free Fire | | Appointments & Policymakers, Elections, Politics & Policy, The Muslim Brotherhood in America

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The recent disruptions of Donald Trump campaign events have become prisms through which many are now viewing his candidacy. Largely ignored to date, however, is growing evidence of what’s in store for America in the remaining months of this election season.

Grievance-mongerers of various ethnic and racial persuasions have been promoting a narrative of anger and alienation that has resulted in rioting across America. With funding reportedly provided by hard left philanthropists and alliances with Muslim Brotherhood front groups, the goal seems less about righting perceived wrongs in U.S. society, than engendering revolution.

Particularly alarming is the solidarity the Obama administration has signaled with groups that are now employing the threat of violence or, in some cases, its use to silence their opponents and engender chaos.

We better recognize – and address – this phenomenon now, not ignore it and hope it goes away.

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