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Frank Gaffney spoke with Mark Krikorian on Secure Freedon Radio yesterday. Krikorian is the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

There is already concern among many about what will happen if Obama brings detainees from Guantanamo Bay to America but Krikorian pointed out some factors the average person might not be aware of which make the scenario even worse:

“The key issue is that Guantanamo Bay is still Cuban territory… so the full panoply of immigration rights or immigration benefits is not available to people in Guantanamo Bay, if we bring them here, they are unambiguously in U.S. territory and guess what, then people, the radical lawyers who didn’t make it into the Justice Department, who are still outside, can file Habeas Corpus for these people. Will the courts release them? Can they apply for asylum?”

Gaffney asked Krikorian how likely it is that these detainees would be released and Krikorian said that as soon as these guys are in America, the radical lawyers of the ACLU and others will be working on their behalf to free them.

Another outrageous possibility that Gaffney points out is that some of these people could end up receiving financial assistance from American taxpayers. Krikorian says it could happen:

“It depends what kind of status they get if this happens but I mean if they get asylum for instance, they get political asylum, if they say I’m from Saudi Arabia and they’re going to persecute me, who knows what? Then yeah, they’d be eligible for all kinds of welfare.”

Krikorian goes on to say that there are all kinds of other statuses they could get that wouldn’t qualify them for welfare but they’d still be “walking around free.”

These are people who aren’t wanted by their own countries in the Middle East but the Obama administration wants you to believe they’ll be fine moving around inside the Unite States with ankle monitors on.

Don’t you feel safer already?

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