Supreme Court dooms Obama’s immigration plan

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With Rep. Steve King, Joe Guzzardi, Tom Tancredo, Dan Stein, Maria Espinoza and Julie Goldvatch

Rep. STEVE KING, Represents the 4th District of Iowa, member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration & Border Security:

  • Recent Supreme Court ruling
  • Immigration reform post-Obama
  • Illegal aliens serving in the military

JOE GUZZARDI, Media Director and Senior Writing Fellow at Californians for Population Stabilization:

  • On-the-ground experience teaching English to immigrants
  • Results of the demographic shift in California

TOM TANCREDO, Founder of Team America PAC and former US Congressman for Colorado:

  • Supreme Court’s immigration reform
  • The Obama Administration’s next moves
  • The true cost of illegal immigration
  • US relations with Taiwan

DAN STEIN, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform:

  • Discussion on the Supreme Court immigration ruling
  • The work that FAIR does
  • The problem with open borders and open immigration
  • Brexit

MARIA ESPINOZA and JULIE GOLDVATCH, Founder and member of the Remembrance Project.

  • Explanation of the Remembrance Project and its goal
  • Julie’s story of her son’s murder by an illegal alien criminal