Brexit could drag on for years

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Dr. JACK CARAVELLI, served in the CIA, White House National Security Council, and Department of Energy; author of the “The Age of Hatred: Islam, Iran, and the New Middle East”:

  • Encouraging calm in post-Brexit UK
  • Punishing Britain for exercising democracy?
  • Immigration issues of the referendum being messaged in the same context by Donald Trump to the American people
  • Who separates from the UK going forward?


  • Seriousness of the nuclear threat from Russia and China
  • Would the world be more dangerous without nuclear weapons?
  • Benghazi Committee updates

Dr. CHARLES JACOBS, President and founder of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, cofounder of the David Project:

  • Discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Boston and with President Obama


  • The bias at Weston High School
  • Noam Chomsky’s “Axis of Hope”