Shariah: The Threat to America: Abridged



Ever since 9/11, it has been a central tenet of America’s national security establishment that the threat of jihadist terrorism and the proper way of contending with that danger have nothing to do with Islam – except to the extent al Qaeda (or, more recently, the Islamic State) “perverts” or “hijacks” that religion.

But what if this characterization of the problem we continue to face fifteen years on is simply and utterly wrong? What if there actually is a direct tie between the totalitarian doctrine that the authorities of Islam call “sharia” and the jihad (or holy war) it demands of adherents, some of which is manifested as terrifying violence?

What if, in addition, jihadists engage in pre-violent – and, in some ways, far more insidious – efforts to accomplish the same goal: the supremacy of sharia worldwide under a caliph?

These questions were the focus of an intensive six-month study by a remarkable group of highly accomplished civilian and military national security professionals. Notable among its members were: former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Harry “Ed” Soyster, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew C. McCarthy.

First published in December 2010, Sharia: The Threat to America documents a profoundly troubling reality. The Obama administration and its immediate predecessors under both political parties, along with many state and local governments, have been blind – in some cases willfully and in every case perilously so – to the harsh truth about: the nature of the enemy we confront; what actually animates him; the progress he is making towards achieving our destruction; and what we need to do to prevent his success.

This situation is dangerous in the extreme to our Constitution, freedoms, form of government and security. It must not be allowed to persist.

The Team B II report has made a vital contribution to the urgently needed national debate about the true wellspring of terrorism and the other manifestations of Islamic supremacism: sharia. The findings of this study are as compelling as they are authoritative.

This volume offers an abridged version of Sharia: The Threat to America featuring just its Executive Summary, Key Findings and Key Tenets of Sharia, thereby making accessible to the casual reader the most important concepts and findings of the original volume. We hope this introductory material will, however, spur your interest in digging deeper into the subject by reading the Team B II report in its entirety.

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