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Free Fire | | Asia, Nuclear Deterrence

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Last week, North Korea conducted its fifth underground nuclear test. Despite much international tut-tutting and professed willingness to impose additional, punitive sanctions, the regime in Pyongyang may conduct yet another test shortly.

That backdrop makes a mockery of President Obama’s planned effort to end-run the United States Senate this month by getting the United Nations Security Council to make it more difficult for his successor to reverse the moratorium on American nuclear testing that has been in place since 1992.

Think of this as the Obama legacy: An obsolete and unsustainable U.S. nuclear arsenal that will soon lose whatever residual deterrent capability it has as America’s actual or prospective enemies – from Russia to China to North Korea to Iran – aggressively build up their abilities to attack our country.

Obama’s unilateral nuclear disarmament poses a mortal threat and must be stopped.

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