Rep. Stewart: Hillary Clinton Revealed Classified Means, Methods and Human Assets

On Tuesday, Frank Gaffney spoke with Rep. Stewart on Secure Freedom Radio.

As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Chris Stewart has read the original 29 Top Secret e-mails found on Hillary Clinton’s server.

“Well, as a member in the intelligence committee, this is what I can tell you, she has revealed classified means, she has revealed classified methods, and most troubling, she revealed classified human assets. And she did that so she could deceive the American people. She simply didn’t want her email, her interactions with the Clinton Foundation, her interactions with donors, her interactions with her own staff, she simply didn’t want the American people to know about those things.”

He continued:

“As a member of the military, and someone again, on the Intel Committee, if I had ever done those things, do you think I would be a viable candidate for President? I’d be sitting in jail somewhere.”

Gaffney mentioned concerns former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova brought up earlier in the program:

Frank Gaffney: Joe DiGenova spoke very powerful of this as a breach of sort of the fundamental underpinnings of the whole idea of the rule of law, that everybody is subject to the same laws and standards and this case, quite transparently with apparently the help of the director of the FBI, you know, getting away essentially with a double standard that benefits the Clintons. Could I ask you about the latest –

Rep. Stewart: Well, and if I could just very quickly – it even goes above the FBI director. Twice, on two different occasions, the president of the United States, while this investigation was underway, said, no, there’s nothing there. She didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t endanger national security. Well, how in the world did he know that? And how in the world are those who work for him, for example, the Justice Department or members of the FBI, supposed to read that their president, their commander-in-chief, is proclaiming that she’s innocent before they conclude their investigation? And I think that’s where it starts right at the very highest levels.

Frank Gaffney: And in the military. Indeed, in the military, Congressman Chris Stewart, that would be called command influence, would it not? And that would be considered interfering with an investigation and unlawful.

Rep. Stewart: Exactly, exactly.