Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Highlights America’s Present Failure of Imagination in “The Long Sunday”


Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Highlights America’s Present Failure of Imagination in “The Long Sunday”
(Election Day 2016 – Inauguration Day 2017)

In the opening paragraphs of the 9/11 Commission Report published in the wake of the attacks of September 11th 2001, the term “failure of imagination” is repeated three times. Specifically, “Across the government, there were failures of imagination, policy, capabilities, and management.”

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Director of the EMP Task Force and the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, both congressional advisory boards, has served in the House Armed Services Committee and the CIA. His new book will help policymakers better imagine the most dangerous threat to our survival – nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) – and how our nation’s adversaries have demonstrated capability and intent to use EMP against the U.S. and our allies.

The Long Sunday–Election Day 2016 – Inauguration Day 2017–Nuclear EMP Attack Scenarios warns that the EMP threat is not merely theoretical, but real, and could be upon us as soon as the 74-days between Election Day and Inauguration Day, which period Dr. Pry describes as “The Long Sunday.” The short monograph does not predict that a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is likely to occur between the national elections on November 8 and the next presidential inauguration on January 20. But it is a sign of just how deeply troubled and unpredictable are the times in which we now live, when almost every day brings another unpleasant surprise, that any or all of the scenarios this report shall describe are entirely plausible.


The “unpleasant surprise” is a high-altitude nuclear EMP attack that could permanently blackout the nation’s electric grid and kill 90 percent of Americans through starvation and societal collapse, warns the Congressional EMP Commission and The Long Sunday.

A true Paul Revere of our generation, Dr. Pry warns that EMP is a threat unique in history, empowering failed states and terrorists to destroy Western Civilization. Ambassador R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence, applauds this warning: “Churchill in the 1930’s stared across the Channel at the growing threat of a Blitzkrieg and condemned his countrymen’s blindness. So too Peter Pry sounds the alarm today, except that those who deny the danger of the North Koreans and others turning toward preparation of an EMP attack make Neville Chamberlain look like George S. Patton.”

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on a Sunday, when they knew our guard was down. We hope that Dr. Pry’s book will correct the failure of imagination about the existential threat from EMP, and avert an electronic Pearl Harbor against entire nations. We believe the survival of America and our allies depends upon it.

Additional praise for The Long Sunday comes from numerous national security experts, such as the former director of the Defense Nuclear Agency:

“In many ways, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is the single greatest threat America faces. One basic nuclear weapon, detonated in space above the U.S., can destroy much of the nation’s electric power grid, leaving us without electricity for months or years. Without electricity for communications, transportation, food, water, and medical, financial, and management services, millions will perish. Dr. Peter Pry is the nation’s most knowledgeable EMP expert, and his short, readable booklet on EMP should be read by every citizen.”

Robert R. Monroe
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Former Director, Defense Nuclear Agency”

….and the former Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations:

“I encourage policymakers and defense professionals alike to read the works of Dr. Peter Vincent Pry to gain an important understanding about EMP and how our enemies might use this weapon against our nation and its allies. “The Long Sunday” is the most recent of his excellent works and it demonstrates just how serious a threat we face from EMP. Our nation can’t afford to re-learn the lessons of Sunday 7 December 1941 or 11 September 2001. Dr. Pry shows us just how much we’ve lowered our guard to this threat and what policymakers must do to address it.”

James “Ace” Lyons, Jr.
Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet
Father of the U.S. Navy’s “Red Cell”

….as well as the Former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative:

“Peter Pry spins a compelling and regrettably all too possible tale of how our entire way of life could come to an abrupt end within a few weeks, without the electricity upon which most Americans depend for their essential life support. Wake up America!”

Ambassador Henry F. “Hank” Cooper,
Chairman, High Frontier
Former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative