Did Russia Meddle in the Presidential Election?

With Clare Lopez, Dr. Harold Rhode, Andy McCarthy and Gordon Chang

CLARE LOPEZ, Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Is the intelligence community politicized?
  • President-elect Trump not taking daily intelligence briefings
  • Boeing sells 80 passenger planes to Iran
  • Suicide bombings in Istanbul

DR. HAROLD RHODE, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, Former Turkish Desk Officer at the US Department of Defense:

  • What should happen to the Iran deal
  • How U.S. should respond to aggression from Tehran
  • Erdogan’s party submits a bill to expand Presidential powers
  • Is Turkey still a reliable NATO ally?

ANDY MCCARTHY, Former federal prosecutor, Contributing editor to National Review Online:

  • President-elect Trump’s response to the CIA assessment on Russia hacking the Presidential election
  • Was Putin truly trying to get Trump elected?
  • Rex Tillerson’s possible appointment to Secretary of State
  • How President Trump should handle the Iran deal

GORDON CHANG, World Affairs Journal Blogger, The Daily Beast contributor, Forbes.com columnist:

  • Explanation of the “One China Policy” and how the media–including the New York Times— continually get it wrong
  • Consequences if U.S. recognized an independent Taiwan
  • Whether countries in the WTO will give China ‘Market Economy Status’