Could Preempting Its Reform be Causing U.S. Intelligence to War Against Trump?

Is the Intelligence Community at war with Donald Trump? One could be forgiven for concluding that, given the array of anonymous leaks about its assertions that Russian hacking was designed to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.

Then, there are the former CIA officials who openly opposed Trump’s candidacy – and continue to criticize him post-election. The current CIA Director, John Brennan, previously did the partisan bidding of President Obama in the White House. He’s evidently exacerbated the politicization of intelligence since taking the helm of the Agency.

The Intelligence Community must work fulltime on successfully collecting and objectively analyzing information critical to our security. To that end, Mr. Trump will need to reduce the Community’s duplicative bureaucracy, provide competent leaders – like his designated replacement for Brennan, Congressman Mike Pompeo, and depoliticize the intelligence agencies.

Is U.S. intelligence warring against Trump to prevent that?

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