Ransomware Attack Shows Threat of Cyberwarfare

With Michael Daughtery, Ned May, Patrick Poole and Kevin Freeman

MICHAEL DAUGHTERY, Author of Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the Government’s Surveillance and Overreach Into Cyber-security, Medicine and Small Business:

  • ‘Wannacry’ ransomware global attack
  • Vulnerabilities exposed by the cyber attack
  • Market incentives for cyber security

NED MAY, Co-Proprietor of the Gates of Vienna blog:

  • Expropriation of housing for refugees in Hamburg
  • Private property laws in Germany
  • Role of NGOS in the European migrant crisis

PATRICK POOLE, National Security and Terrorism reporter at PJ Media:

  • Former Egyptian Official Exposes the Muslim Brotherhood’s terror networks
  • Former DHS Adviser Mohammed Elibiary’s comment about ISIS killing Christians

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Host of Economic War Room on The Blaze:

  • Was North Korea behind the ransomware attack?
  • How Pyonyang could take down the U.S. economy