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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has just elevated his son, Mohammed bin Salman (widely known by his initials, MBS), to be their country’s new Crown Prince.

It’s early to guess what this ambitious young man’s designation as the king-in-waiting portends for the House of Saud and its kingdom’s relations with: enemies like Iran; former friends like Qatar and the Islamic State; and what amounts to an emerging modus vivendi with Israel.

Donald Trump seems to have bet that MBS will end the Saudis’ persistent double-dealing.  The President’s recent visit to Riyadh signaled his confidence that the young prince is, indeed, committed not only to reforms at home, but to improved relations with the United States, as well.

So, test the prince:  For starters, insist that Saudi Arabia reveal – and terminate – its support for the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, worldwide, including here.

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